AAluboss Aluminium Architectural Systems:
 is the producing company of the Aluminium Architectural Systems which has utility throughout Russia and in the countries of the regionRussia.   It designs and produces the building systems which are manufactured from the aluminium profile. The product range involves in the window, door, facade and roof systems which are used in the commercial, housing and industrial structures. By providing technical support to the building projects of the construction and implementation companies, it provides the buildings to become structures with higher performance, more modern, more economic and more useful.

Zarem-a Aluminium Profile:  is one of the outstanding profile manufacturers of Russia. It makes profile design and production for to be used in different sectors.Zarem-a Aluminium,   with its designs, produces alternatives to so many sectors. Each passing day,  different areas of usages are emerging in the world. Burak Aluminium  keeps abreast of these areas by means of its technical team, finds alternatives and solutions within the compass of its customers’ needs, helps to decrease their costs, creates opportunities to reduce the labour cost. While doing this (besides its sole profile production),in its mechanical processing parkour, it realizes all kinds of perforating, cutting, notching applications with a millimetric sensitivity.